The Ace

by: erin.

The Ace opened up the other week right beside Grateful Head (also new- a relocation), and I am intimidated. Is Roncesvalles getting too cool for me?  I feel comfortable in Roncesvalles because there’s mostly old ladies that smell like cured meats and cheese aka MY PEOPLE.  I dunno, there is just this extremely laid back non-judgey vibe here.  Aside from my own insecurity issues, The Ace is great.  We went there because I saw on their Facebook page they were serving deep-fried brussels sprouts and who wouldn’t change their plans to run towards that? The brussels sprouts were amazing.  I love stinky/strong vegetables the best.  They were served with a lemony aioli which was good.  Also (shared!) the house made (awwsies) bread plate thing.  It was good but was served with superhot olives which is maybe normal or traditional or something somewhere but I wasn’t into it. Our server was really awkward so that made me awkward and tense.  In fact, when we left and were outside I said “THAT WAS EXHAUSTING!”.  But I don’t want to say it was bad because it wasn’t bad just a little off.  Like the time I didn’t totally fall all over Charlie’s Burgers . The only truly bad part was the booths.  Like they were shared between you and the person sitting behind you with nothing in between.  So whenever that person moved you felt it and it was like getting your seat kicked at the movie theater or rather, someone sitting with their feet up on your seat the whole time.  This sounds trivial but I think it affected my entire judgement of the night.  Am I Jerry Seinfeld?

The Ace- I want to love you so I can be cool and I DO love your food and will be back but the seating needs to be fixed and your server needs to relax so I can relax. I LOVE YOU I SWEAR.


  • they had Lake Huron fish tacos (…I forget what kind) and I am nostalgic for Lake Huron as I was born out of it. Um, I mean born and raised in Port Elgin for 18 years.
  • Old-timey music.
  • Grandma-y mismatched plates. Sooooo pretty.
  • The kitchen looked IMMACULATE. I really appreciate a clean kitchen thankyouverymuch.
  • Cooks/chefs/dishwashers sharing a brew after their shift. Camaraderie in the kitchen also makes me happy and feel good about the food. I dunno why ok? Like they produced it lovingly, together.

This review was completely schizophrenic and I am aware it is insensitive to use a mental disorder as a descriptor.